Partners are our key collaborators and contributors. Right now, we are working with these organizations on specific projects, but are always looking for opportunities to partner with others. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a Center partner.

Innovation Network
Innovation Network is our fiscal sponsor. It is a nonprofit evaluation, research, and consulting firm that provides knowledge and expertise to help nonprofits and funders learn from their work to improve their results. We work together on projects of mutual interest, and share office space and infrastructure.

We collaborate with the UK-based IVAR on the Evaluation Roundtable. IVAR hosts a UK-version of the Roundtable. IVAR supports the development and sustainability of voluntary sector organizations through research, education, and training. Strongly committed to the practice of strategic learning, IVAR uses action research methods, which start with a real-life question or challenge and then work with organizations to better understand and respond to that question.