As new fields of practice emerge, it is useful to bring people together periodically to discuss and share what we all are doing and learning. We organize conversations to accelerate field development and encourage new collaboration.

Evaluation Roundtable
We lead the Evaluation Roundtable, a network of foundations seeking to improve how they learn about the impact of their work. We convene evaluation, program and senior management from foundations to discuss key concerns about foundation effectiveness and the sector's capacity to make an impact. Our meetings are unlike conferences where participants typically spend time passively listening to panel discussions and plenary speakers. Roundtable events focus on a specific topic and usually include a teaching case. Attendees work together to address real life situations that they face in their work. This practice-based, peer-to-peer learning allows participants to deepen the skills, tactics and knowledge that foundation staff need to be effective. Repeatedly, we hear from foundation participants that the networking emerging from Roundtable experiences is some of the best in the field because of the opportunity to work with others on common problems.

Periodic Convenings on Issues of Interest
We organize periodic convenings for the areas in which we work. We emphasize cross-audience or cross-sector opportunities for dialogue and learning.