About Us

We are a nonprofit that partners with philanthropy on strategy, learning, and evaluation efforts that are intended to advance racial equity and justice. 

We lead evaluation projects, consult with foundations on strategy and learning, and support field building.


Our purpose is to help position evaluation and learning in philanthropy so that it:

  • advances racial and other forms of equity and social justice
  • creates channels for people—particularly those who are historically and structurally excluded from decision making about public resources—to participate in and influence decisions about the interventions and systems affecting their lives
  • increases the ability of foundations, nonprofits, and other change agents to navigate and transform the complex dynamics that shape our world.
We advance evaluation practice in areas that are challenging to assess and where traditional approaches to program evaluation are not a good fit. These tend to be areas of high complexity
We also coordinate the Evaluation Roundtable, a network of foundation leaders in evaluation and learning from over 130 foundations in the U.S. and Canada.