Kate Morales

Artist in Residence
  portrait photo

Kate Morales (they/them) is an Artist in Residence for the Center for Evaluation Innovation. Their work as a somatic scribe and culture creator is in service of supporting social ecologies to know themselves intimately.  Their work uses image, symbol, story, intuition and ancestral memory to activate the wisdom in a collective towards decolonial healing.  Some of the lineages that inform their work are Cultural Somatics (Tada Hozumi, Resmaa Menakem), Animist Arts (Dare Sohei, Larissa Kaul), popular education, organizing, and community theater.

They are a founding member of the Ecoversities Alliance where they serve as a writer, researcher and curator of transnational conversations about queer pedagogy.  Currently making home on Maskoke Territory in the city of Atlanta, Kate is a xicanx, queer parent-in-community making systemically disruptive interventions from the scales of body, family and home.  They are a capoerista, drag performer and devoted student of black feminism, fungi, and love.

Read more about Kate’s work at As The Crow Flies Design and follow them on Twitter @crowcamino.